Team Riders


Jacob Bayer (JB2)

Jacob (also known as JB2) is a 5 year old grom from Willoughby, attending kindergarten as of 2018. JB2 entered his first surf competitions at the incredible age of 2, beginning with ECSC. A avid lover of the sport, he travels the east coast to compete and is inspired by his sister Aydin's surfing influence. When JB2 isn't surfing he is boxing, playing soccer or hanging out with his sister and baby brother Skylr. With a goal of being a pro surfer, JB2 is well on his way and Grom Coast is proud to have him on the team!

Dane Costa.png

Dane Costa

Dane is part of the 1st street grom crew, living just a few blocks from some of the most consistent waves in Virginia Beach. If he is not surfing, he is skating and Dane's love for surfing started when he was 4 with his influences including some of the best surfers in Virginia Beach, including his older brother. Having traveled quite a bit for such a young age, Dane's favorite waves are Avellanas CR and Sunzal El Sal. Dane's other hobbies include baseball and football and he is a 5th grader at Cooke Elementary as of 2018. With the goal of becoming a professional surfer as a career, Dane is well on his way.


Kylee Guarin

Kylee (13) is a local grom, born in Virginia Beach and, as of 2018, she is an 8th grader at Princess Anne Middle School. With a love of surfing that began when she was 2, sitting on her dads board and being pushed into the waves, she loves spending time surfing with family and friends, including her older sister. Her favorite local surf spots are Sandbridge, Camp Pendleton and OBX. Kylee is a member of the Virginia Longboard Federation and when she isn't on the water, she can be found hanging out with friends.



Tommy, 11 yrs old, was born and raised in San Diego and learned to skate in Virginia Beach. Already growing in the sport after just over a year, he can be seen on the Oceanfront, hidden grinds around Red Mill, and hitting all the local skateparks. Although he likes “the bowls”, his true passion is skating street around town and perfecting tricks by his favorite skater, Chris Joslin. When not skating he surfs at Sandbridge and plays Ice Hockey.



Erin (13) was born in Barbados and has spent his life surfing, following in his dad, Jason Stanley's, footsteps. Having surfed local contests since the age of 10, Erin is also an avid skateboarder, having recently won the Vans One Movement Invitationals 2018. Erin can also be found competing in gymnastics events and enjoying his other hobbies, free diving and spearfishing.



Cose is a local grom - born and raised in Virginia Beach. With two older brothers both in college, Cose spends his time surfing and can often be found enjoy the waves along with friends and family around 1st street in Virginia Beach or his favorite surf spot in Lower Trestles California. When Cose isn't in the water, he's playing soccer for the Red Beach FC CCL team and he'll attend 6th grade at VB Middle School in fall of 2018. Cose aims to be a pro surfer and Grom Coast is very happy to welcome him to our team and play our part in helping him achieve that dream!



Finn is a ten year old grom from Virginia Beach who discovered his passion for surfing at an early age. From the age of 7 Finn has competed in surf competitions including the Baja Surf Classic, ECSC and the Gnarly Charley surf series. He also plays year round soccer on the Beach FC travel team and can often be found playing basketball, baseball or flag football with friends, as well as snowboarding in the winter. Surfing, though, remains his favorite sport! We are proud to have Finn on the Grom Coast team